Sunday, 25 March 2012

First Mob = Success!

Yesterday was our first cash mob and it was so much fun! About 20-25 local enthusiasts showed up outside Mulberry and we announced that our first mob would take place at Mixed Media! There was lots of excitement, and it was wonderful to share some news about a meeting that took place on Friday - a great dialogue between Cash Mob, Hamilton Economic Development and the Ottawa Street BIA. They're all thrilled about this movement and are excited to support it! We talked about how we'd like to move towards hosting cash mobs in different neighborhoods around the city, and discovering specific needs from businesses in those areas. We're so excited to see how Cash Mob Hamilton grows and develops...

We walked over the Mixed Media together and all stormed the place, excited to buy something fun! This shop seemed to be the perfect 'first pick', as there was definitely something for everyone! It was wonderful to meet new people, and it was exciting to hear that some people in the group had never been to Mixed Media before! We had a great conversation with the owner, Dave, about how cash mob serves as a great reminder that helps keep local shopping on the forefront of people's mind. While one event per month can't actually make much of a tangible difference in the local economy, it definitely raises awareness and builds momentum for local shopping.

Speaking of awareness, the Hamilton Spec covered the cash mob! See their story here!
Here's a few pictures from our mob:

(more pictures here)

It's exciting to see the way that Hamilton locals are jumping on board with this cash mob movement, and we can't wait to see how it grows and changes as we continue with this monthly event. And hey, you don't need to wait for 'Cash Mob Hamilton' to organize these events. If you have a group of friends that wants to check out a local business, plan to do it together, and intentionally pass on some words of encouragement to the business owners - they work so hard, and totally deserve to hear why we appreciate their efforts!

Thanks for the support, Hamilton! Let's keep shopping local!
Stay tuned on Facebook or Twitter for the next event - Ottawa Street edition!

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