What Is It?

Flash mobs have been all the rage in recent years - groups of like-minded individuals coming together out of similar passions and excitement, to create a scene and inspire a community. We've seen choir mobs, dance mobs, pillow fights, world record attempts - but what if we came together to support local businesses?

There are so many amazing businesses in Hamilton, who have started from the ground up, and have worked endlessly to make this city more fun and interesting. Spend some time following #HamOnt on Twitter and you'll quickly see that many people who live here love to shop local. 'Cash Mob Hamilton' is an attempt to collaborate these efforts and create a scene that people will notice. It's not about getting discounts, but about spending our money in amazing Hamilton shops and showing business owners that we believe in what they're doing.

How it works: everyone meets up at a predetermined location and prepares to 'mob' a local business. The specific business isn't announced until that meet up, at which time everyone spends their cash-mob-money and collectively shows the business owners know how much they're appreciated. It's fun and very powerful, and it's something we're sure Hamiltonians will be on board with!

Let's do this!

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